The Sentry Media Hub – Business in the front, party in the house

The Sentry Media Hub is a platform designed to store, share and serve IP camera video, digital videos, movies, music and images to streaming devices and may also be used as a standalone media player or for streaming. The quiet, stylish case will be right at home with existing audio and video equipment. 4k video support, built-in Wifi and Bluetooth are standard and audio inputs/outputs with a Burr Brown digital-to-analog chip are optional.

When combined with your preferred media software (not included), the Sentry Media Hub provides a high-end, reliable and unique media solution.

The Sentry Media Hub
Windows 10 Professional OS
Dual GB – Onboard/Wifi/Bluetooth
Up to 20TB of storage
Dual HDMI/DVI – 4K support at 60hz

ASUS Essence STX II with Burr Brown DAC
Pioneer Ultra HD 4k Player/Burner

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License Plate Recognition from GeoVision

License Plate Recognition (or LPR) systems are used to identify and read license plates by converting images into text. These systems are commonly used in law enforcement, but can also be used to manage parking lots, improve traffic conditions and for insurance purposes.

GeoVisionâ„¢ LPR Products and Software, when combined with a Sentry NVR/VMS can read license plates on vehicles traveling up to 200 km/h (125 mph). When paired with GV-LPR software, license plates are captured and sent to the GV-ASManager software’s database.

LPR: Driving Applications

  • Access control matches license plate entries with vehicles registered in GV-ASManager’s database
  • Search for and flag particular licenses belonging to unregistered or stolen vehicles
  • Create a database of customers– identifying VIPs, regular customers, critical personnel and individuals who may be banned from the business
  • Deter or catch individuals attempting to drive away without payment

For more information on the GeoVision IP License Plate Capture/Recognition Cameras, please contact your Sentry Account Representative at 866.736.8796 or login to the dealer section of our website by clicking below.

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Mikros & Milestone: Small Size, Big Savings

The Sentry Mikros is a small yet powerful video management platform offered in a mini tower. This series of NVRs is particularly well-suited for use in smaller retail and business applications requiring recording, viewing and playback from up to 30 megapixels from connected IP cameras or up to 45 megapixels when live viewing is not required.

Purpose-built for use with Milestone XProtect® Video Management Software, the Sentry Mikros pair well with our maXia line of IP cameras and Milestone XProtect® Express+ licensing.

The Mikros in Action
RMC (Richard Mabery Company), a long-time Sentry partner installed six maXia BL and FD IP cameras at a small pharmacy in the Northern US paired with a Mikros 50 megapixel video recording server running Milestone XProtect® Express+. This combination of equipment and high-quality installation provides the pharmacy with a reliable video surveillance solution with outstanding video quality and the ability to expand.

The Sentry Mikros series are also available with GeoVision VMS software as well as compatible with software from other leading VMS providers such as Exacq, Genetec, etc.

For more information on the Sentry Mikros Series of NVRs, or the Sentry Milestone-equipped line of IP cameras please contact your Sentry Account Representative at 866.736.8796.