The Sentry Media Hub – Business in the front, party in the house

The Sentry Media Hub is a platform designed to store, share and serve IP camera video, digital videos, movies, music and images to streaming devices and may also be used as a standalone media player or for streaming. The quiet, stylish case will be right at home with existing audio and video equipment. 4k video support, built-in Wifi and Bluetooth are standard and audio inputs/outputs with a Burr Brown digital-to-analog chip are optional.

When combined with your preferred media software (not included), the Sentry Media Hub provides a high-end, reliable and unique media solution.

The Sentry Media Hub
Windows 10 Professional OS
Dual GB – Onboard/Wifi/Bluetooth
Up to 20TB of storage
Dual HDMI/DVI – 4K support at 60hz

ASUS Essence STX II with Burr Brown DAC
Pioneer Ultra HD 4k Player/Burner

For more information on the Sentry Media Hub Contact Us.

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